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Toy Worlds are fun “3D interfaces” for navigating the Web.

They are literally “toy worlds” because they are dioramas created with dollhouse furniture and other miniature toys that are photographed with a RICOH THETA S 360° Camera. The resulting 360° photos are posted on the Kuula 360° photo sharing service in order to overlay links to YouTube videos and web pages.

They are also figuratively “toy worlds” in that they are only intended to be prototypes to serve as placeholders for more sophisticated “worlds” made with more advanced software such as Unity 3D. The reason those worlds have not been created and posted yet is because there is no appropriate platform for publishing sufficiently complex 3D worlds on web pages at the present time.

This 360° image is a Toy World, and it is the first in the series of Toy Worlds that serve as an interface to this site. Click on objects to find out about them, and use the menu in the lower left or door knobs to visit Worlds, Studio, New Media Museum and Cosma.

You find out more about how Toy Worlds began on this post.

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