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The New Media Museum collects and preserves new media artifacts and history. The museum is especially focused on preserving functional demos of media technologies that did not succeed in the “marketplace,” but insiders and historians tend to agree held unrealized potential. In order to support this goal, the museum maintains a “living archive” of computing hardware, operating systems, utilities and productivity software as well as applications in areas such as education, information services, hypermedia and extended reality (XR). More …

Virtual Museum Experiments

The New Media Museum is working on a series of experiments with creating a “virtual museum,” and the goal of the this is threefold.

First, it is an exercise in envisioning what a “real” museum will look like.

Second, it will stand on its own as a valuable educational experience.

Finally, third, the experiments will determine the best platform for the future.

Here are a few experiments done so far!

This 360° image is a Toy World. Click on objects to find out about them. Use the menu in the lower left or door knobs to visit the Gallery, Worlds, Worlds and Cosma.

There is also a more extensive version of the New Media Museum available in the virtual world SecondLife. Click the images below to explore it.

New Media Museum@SL

New Media Museum snap

The New Media Museum’s predecessor, the NEW Computer Museum, also had a virtual version that was authored in Unity 3D.

The video below shows a quick walk-through of that application to give you a sense of what the “Virtual New Media Museum” will look like.

Notice that the posters and almost all of the objects link to content and interactive activities. The “title poster” in each exhibit links to the relevant page on this site, while other posters and objects link elsewhere. There was a high overlap between content in the application and and the content in the “Guide” that was posted on the NEW Computer Museum website.

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New Media Sampler
Children’s Machines
Immersive Interfaces
May the force …

Virtual Museum
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Paths not Taken

Media (Transition, Equipment)
Computation (Early, Modern)
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Education (Knowledge, Teaching, Learning, Bots)
Knowledge Navigation (Trailblazers, Service, Hypermedia, World)
Immersion (Headset, Motion, Mind)

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