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Explore “Worlds” created by M. E. Hopper!

This 360° image is a Toy World. Click on objects to find out about them, and use the menu in the lower left or doors to visit the Gallery, Studio, New Media Museum and Cosma.

There is a version of the gallery in SecondLife. Click the image below to explore it.

Worlds SecondLife snap

These are the worlds accessible from the gallery.

MEHopper Gallery, Worlds & Studio@Kuula
MEHopper Gallery, Worlds & Studio@SecondLife

New Media Museum Toy World@Kuula
New Media Museum@SecondLife
Computer Museum@Unity 3D (YouTube Demo)

Knowledge Places@SecondLife (Page@Cosma)
Knowledge Gates@SecondLife (Page@Cosma)
Knowledge Palace@SecondLife (Page@Cosma)
Knowledge Paradise@SecondLife (Page@Cosma)

Knowledge Park in Maryport@SecondLife
Knowledge Park@ SecondLife (YouTube Demo)

Cosma Welcome Area Toy World@Kuula
Cosma Welcome Area in Alston@SecondLife
Cosma Welcome Area@Unity 3D (YouTube Demo)

Solar Extremes Toy World@Kuula
Solar Extremes in Alston@SecondLife

Gaia’s Greenhouse@Kuula
Gaia’s Greenhouse in Alston@SecondLife

World Travel Lounge@Kuula
World Travel Lounge in Alston@SecondLife

Walk-in-Art GAllery@Kuula
Walk-in-Art Gallery in Alston@SecondLife

Athena’s Office Toy World@Kuula
Athena’s Office in Alston@SecondLife

Muse’s Playroom Toy World@Kuula
Muse’s Playroom in Alston@SecondLife

Beach House Toy World@Kuula

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