Toy Worlds@Cosma

I’ve come up with an unusual approach to making a “3D visual interface” for navigating my Cosma web site.

I call it “Toy Worlds,” and it’s basically a series of miniature dioramas photographed with a RICOH THETA S 360° Camera. The resulting 360° photos are then posted on the RoundMe 360° photo sharing service in order to overlay links to YouTube videos and pages on Cosma.

Click the image of the “Toy World” below to see it on Roundme, and click on the “portals” to explore the embedded scenes.


I also want to share an earlier, less polished “Toy World.” This one is a bit “rough around the edges” relative to the above, later version. However, it does have the advantage of having been shot in an actual dollhouse, so it is the most “toy season” appropriate Toy World! There are some nooks and crannies to explore embedded in this one as well :-)


In general, if you have trouble seeing the Toy Worlds on RoundMe, then try viewing them with a different browser (Chrome seems to work best).

You find out more about Toy Worlds on this post and page on Cosma.

So, I hope you enjoy Toy Worlds!