Kite Menagerie

It was inevitable!

A beach day just had to sneak into the schedule on what was probably the last, beautiful Indian Summer day of this year. Of course, as usual, there was something new going on during my latest visit to one of my favorite beaches (Google). This time it was this beautiful menagerie of kites.

Better yet, these kites had a story!


While I was taking the snaps, I spoke with Glenn Davison and found out about Kite Shows, which does STEM presentations centered around kites. Neat!

On the Move: They go fly kites, with pleasure (Brion O’Connor, Boston Globe)

There is also an organization called Kites Over New England (KONE) dedicated to sharing joy and enthusiasm for kiting, and that club is an affiliate of the American Kitefliers Association.

Then while I was setting up the link to Google Map of Nahant Beach for this post, I just happened to notice Kite Boston on the map in Little Nahant. They are undoubtedly behind at least some of the kiteboarding that is almost always going on at Nahant Beach (YouTube).

They give lessons, too. Humm, food for thought… :-)

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