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Studio E

Studio-E was a popular walk-in computer services and consulting firm founded by Mary Hopper in 1994 at 1206 Mass. Ave. in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA.



The business provided self-service, instruction, production and consulting services for firms and universities in the Boston/Cambridge area.


Studio-E also provided project management, interface design and development for a number of early prototype web projects. This included working with Robert W. Lawler on various projects including a web version of his book Learning and Computing (1997). Mary Hopper also created an initial prototype web version of Marvin Minsky’s Society of Mind (1998).

Mary Hopper also personally designed and offered an intensive computer training service for adults and a computer skills workshop for children in 3rd-6th grades.

In 1995, Studio-E moved to a more private office, at 1208 Massachusetts Avenue, and quickly evolved towards specializing in the creation and publication of large document sets on the World Wide Web for the next three years.


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