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The unavailability of high quality, free digital media for use in the curriculum is a key obstacle to realizing the potential that computers could have for enhancing education. This presentation will examine the possibility of improving the situation through systematically extending models for creating and distributing teacher and student constructed digital media. Common distribution models such as freeware, shareware, open-source, and commercial will be described along with popular examples of how the models have been successfully implemented. Then the relationships between these models and popular approaches to constructing and distributing teacher and student made media will be examined (e.g. Webquests, Schrock’s Guide, D-Libraries etc.). Finally, discussion will focus on the degree to which either expanding upon existing approaches or implementing entirely new models might result in the availability of more and better quality digital media for use in classrooms.

There is further information in the Microsoft Word document Free Educational Media Materials which was widely distributed during and after the presentation as a “campaign” to promote the creation and use of free educational resources by both teachers and students at MIT and beyond.

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Where’s the media? Models for creating and distributing teacher and student made digital media (MIT)

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