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Knowledge Foundry: The Knowledge Construction Company (2006-2012), Cambridge, MA

Mary Hopper served as President of Knowledge Foundry, a company that developed traditional web, social media, 3D, eBook and mobile sites.1

The Knowledge Places (K-Places) project was one of the largest initiatives undertaken by Knowledge Foundry. It used Second Life to create a 3D interface to an inventory of knowledge resources on the Cosma Web site. Development began back in 2006, and by the height of the project in 2010, there were twenty sites that covered more than a million square meters of land in Second Life. The sites were made up of thematically organized virtual spaces designed around inviting spatial metaphors (e.g. park, zoo, amusement park, etc.). You can find out more about the project on the K-Places page.

The core of the K-Places project was a cadre of 3D links dubbed Knowledge Objects (K-Objects), and they enabled truly spatial Knowledge Navigation.   Magic Windows were 3D hyperlinks to Cosma, and Magic Doors were 3D hyperlinks to other locations in Second Life. There was also a cast of other K-Objects that served as “typed” hyperlinks to access other valuable Web sites besides Cosma. You can find out more about them on the K-Objects page.

Knowledge Objects Cast

1.   Remnants of the original website are still online. Knowledge Foundry

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