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Cosma: Constructing a Knowledge Kingdom

This presentation will provide an overview of the design, construction and promotion of free and public knowledge utility. The system is centered on an innovative web-based interface designed to invite exploration of a unique, systematic top-down inventory of the worlds vast online resources organized around the elements of communication. In addition, it utilizes the virtual world named SecondLife to enable explicitly spatial knowledge navigation through a series of strategically located, relatively well known and popular virtual public spaces. The project has been evolving over the last five years and is now at a stage where it is ready to be scaled up and prepared for full release. The process of arriving at this juncture has been full of challenges and surprises. The presenter will provide a unique perspective on those as well as some others that are clearly looming on the immediate horizon.

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Cosma: Constructing a Kingdom of Knowledge (Media in Transition 6@MIT)

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