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Lecturer, IM 1110: Interactive Media and Society (2012-2013)
Creative Industries / Interactive Media Program
College of Arts, Media & Design
Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Dr. Mary Hopper was invited to redesign and teach an introductory undergraduate survey course that introduced the terminology and history of communication, media and information technology.

She used lectures, discussion and group projects to help students explore the evolution and future of a range of media from personal, social, cultural, legal and political perspectives.

Dr. Hopper also led students through a progression of assignments designed to help them to become independent learners. This culminated with them designing their own creative learning experience.

The course became increasingly popular over the course of the three semesters that she taught multiple sections of the course (enrollment grew from 40 to 55 students).

Course Description
Offers a critical historical survey of interactive media from analog to digital techniques and from physical to virtual spaces. Examines the social, ethical and cultural impact of interactive media. Concludes with a study of current issues and directions in interactive media. Through weekly lectures, research projects and critical analyses, students consider current and historical aspects of interactive media and design.

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