New Media Museum

The New Media Museum is a virtual space for sharing an expanding collection of interesting media artifacts from the 1970s to the present.

The ultimate goal is to “eventually” launch a “real” museum in a huge, bright and beautiful physical space somewhere east of the Mississippi.

Earlier Presentations and Exhibits

Hopper, M.E. (2014, April). Computer museums: Here and there, now and then [Presentation]. Vintage Computing Festival Southeast 2.0, Roswell, GA.

Hopper, M.E. (2014, April). Digital arts preservation in the Northeast [Panel Discussion]. Art Technology New England (ATNE), Boston Cyberarts Gallery, Boston, MA.

Hopper, M.E. (2014, April). Children’s Machines [Exhibit]. Vintage Computer Festival East 9.1, Wall, NJ.

Hopper, M.E. (2014, March). New Media Museum Sampler [Exhibit].
Microsoft NERD Center 1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA.

Hopper, M.E. (2014, January). Computer Museums: here & there, now & then… [Presentation]. Microsoft NERD Center, Cambridge, MA.