Cosma 3D

Digital-Den used Unity 3D to create an immersive application for Cosma.

For about three years there was a separate experimental Cosma site called Cosma 3D that was a curated directory of the best, substantive 3D, 360 and VR content available to the public at the time. The entries could be accessed by subject, theme and platform. The site also had a variety of resources to help users get started with 3D and VR.

There was also a Cosma 3D application authored in Unity 3D that was a spatial interface to the content on the Cosma 3D website.

Cosma 3D Experience Gallery

Here’s a video “walk-through” of the application. Notice that the posters and objects in this application link to pages on the Cosma 3D website, 360 YouTube videos and other interactive activities on the web.

The Cosma 3D website was shut-down, and the content was integrated into the main Cosma website, so the application no longer functions.